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From the woods to the sawmill

With the help of a donated truck and driver from Phil Genovar and Dixie Custom Auto, we moved 3 large heavy pieces of live oak from tyhe woodlot to the sawmill outside of Green Cove Springs.

The 20 foot tip bed truck

Using the heavy cable system of the truck, we hauled massive live oak logs up onto the bed of the truck

The keel log loaded on the truck

Paul, the driver, a long-time St Augustine resident and 20 year employee of Dixie Custom Auto, capably with chains and cable dragged the timbers up onto the bed of the truck.

Paul hooking onto an 800 pound live oak log

This substantial load of live oak was then driven to the sawmill where it was unloaded using the heavy bob-cat run by the mill operator

Paul binding down the load


Off-loading the logs at the sawmill


After the logs were on the ground at the sawmill Capt John and the mill operator carefully considered the best ways to cut them into useable sized slabs.

Considering the cuts