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Preparing and gathering

The volunteer crew pushed hard to get the boat shed ready for the keel laying, now only three days away. Two cross beams needed to be shaped and lifted into place on top of the wall posts to be able to support the bow and stern stems which would be attached at each end of the keel.

Patrick and Gordon working a cross beam

Patrick cutting a mortise

The cross beams were lifted into place using 2 gin-poles and block and tackles.  This lifting process was captured by “Pedro Menendez” and posted as a You Tube video. Click the You Tube link on this web site to see it

Cross beam and crew ready to lift it into place

After a great morning’s work the crew posed for a group shot

The cross beam crew

Immediately after Capt John and Alexander drove over to the Island and pruned a live oak limb that had the right curve to cut into the stem pieces

Capt John dropping the stem stock into the trailer